Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System - 03
After a heroic effort to win over retailers, they finally managed to release
the NES in limited quantities in New York City in December, 1985.
The units sold like hotcakes, and the rest is history.
Video gaming sprang back from the dead, and the Nintendo Entertainment System
was a nationwide phenomenon.
It was so popular that Nintendo had no serious competition, allowing Nintendo
to strong-arm and bully retailers into restricting stock and fixing prices
artificially high.
The retailers could do nothing but comply, as Nintendo was the only game in
town during the late 80's.


In 1980 Japanese NINTENDO established NINTENDO of America Inc.
Main product in the first years were the coin operated game machines.
In 1985 the Company introduced an improved version of the FAMICOM:
the NINTENDO Advanced Video System, or NAVS, later redubbed
NINTENDO Entertainment System or NES.
It had 52 colors, 3D graphics, improved sound and music.

This 8-bit machine was the successor to the Famicom.
Hits like Donkey Kong and Mario were written  for the Famicom.
After the dramatic sales-crash of 1983 NINTENDO answered with the NES,
an altogether altered machine with a different look, better graphics
and a better name.
For the European Market they released the NES European Version.


Manufacturer Nintendo Name NES
Type Console Origine ???
Introduction Date 1984 End of production 1995 ???
Built in Language ??? Keyboard None
CPU 6508 Speed 1.79 Mhz
Coprocessor ??? Amount of Ram ???
Vram 2 Kb Rom ???
Text Modes ??? Graphic Modes 256x240
Colors 52 Sound 5 voices mono
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media Cartridges
I/O Ports cartridge connector; 2 x controlpad / Lightgun; Audio; HF-out (for TV); power supply connector OS -
Power Supply External Introduction Price ???
Sold ??? Serial Number PE1870527
Other Extras 4 games Bought Where Gift (Destelbergen)
Bought When ??? Condition OK
Price Paid Gift Specs of my Model -
Setup Today -

The Control Deck

Bottom View Serial Number


Gift from Hendrik Demets (???)
Collected it on ???
Had to install a graphic card instead