Alphatronic PC

Alphatronic PC - 01
Triumph was originally Triumph-Adler - the merger company of the
2 typewriter manufacturers Triumph and Adler, to which Triumph
(which also produced mechanical calculators and sewing-machines) was
the bigger one.
Later they got US-typewriter Royal merged into it and had the best years
between 1975 and 1988, when they even build competiting machines to
IBM System /34 and /36 ... but they did neither understand nor learn the
business and ran out of the financial power.
The technical part of TA is today a subsidary of Olivetti which tells
it all about the downfall of TA.
The operational part is a Holding in Nuremberg, which deals with offices,
buildings and health-care. 

The Alphatronic had a pretty good success in Germany but was definitly
too expensive, it has few success outside.
It was meant to be a mix between a home-computer and a business machine,
but its sound and graphic features were to weak to play with... 

It is CP/M machine and quite a few sotfware packages were available
for it.
There were two disk-drives : F1 and F2. F1 had the controller built-in.
You had to have F1 to use F2, the second one. 

Sometimes, the Alphatronic PC was sold as a complete wordprocessing
package with a daisy-wheel printer (Triumph-Adler TR-170) and a
word-processing cartridge inserted into the ROM-pack slot
(top left part of the case). 


Manufacturer Triumph Adler Name Alphatronic PC
Type Professional Computer Origine Germany
Introduction Date 1983 End of production ???
Built in Language Microsoft Basic 5.11 Keyboard Full-stroke keyboard, 6 function keys, arrow keys and separated numeric keypad, 85 keys
CPU Zilog Z80A Speed 4 Mhz
Coprocessor Mostek 6845 (grafics) Amount of Ram 64 Kb
Vram ??? Rom 32 KB
Text Modes 40 x 24, 80 x 24 Graphic Modes 80 x 72, 160 x 72
Colors 8 Sound 1 voice, built-in speaker
Size / Weight 3,5 kg Built in Media optional one or two 5.25'' disk-drives (320 kb each)
I/O Ports RGB video out, Tape interface, Serial RS232c/V24 port (from 300 to 9600 baud), Centronics/Parallel port, Disk-drive connector, Cartridge/Rompack slot OS CP/M 2.1 with diskdrives
Power Supply ??? Introduction Price 1500 DM (Germany, 83), 760 (France, 83), UC + monochrom monitor + 2 disk-drives = 2142 (France, 84), 105 (France, june 86)
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras Boxed, Manuals Bought Where Ebay
Bought When 09/02/03 Condition ???
Price Paid 57.5 Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

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Alphatronic PC-01

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