Tandy 1000

Tandy 1000 - 01 - Model Number: 25-1000A

The Tandy 1000 was intended to be a low priced PCjr clone.
Instead it rivaled it, lasting longer then the PCjr by nearly a decade.
With enhanced graphics, and a 3 voice DAC, it was a turning point in
computer history. 
While at the the time the big thing was MS-DOS compatibility and not
PC compatability, their main focus was being able to run MS-DOS while
industry standards eventually adopted PC compatibility instead.

There were several different programs made to exploit the built in
abilities of the Tandy series, in several different categories. 
In the graphics viewing/converting section there is CShow 2000, able to 
view and convert GIFs, JPEGs, BMPs, PCXs, and more. In the game section, 
Sierra used both the sound and graphics abilities to enhance their games. 
Some of their best games were the "Quest" series, like "King's Quest" and 
"Space Quest". Then there is DeskMate by Tandy, before Windows, it was the
thing to have. 
Much like Win 3.0 it had a Graphics Program, Telecom, Text editor, 
Clipboard, and a few other handy apps. 


Manufacturer Tandy Name Tandy 1000
Type Professional Computer Origine USA
Introduction Date ??? End of production ???
Built in Language ??? Keyboard ???
CPU Intel 8088 Speed 4.77 Mhz
Coprocessor ??? Amount of Ram 128/640
Vram ??? Rom ???
Text Modes ??? Graphic Modes ???
Colors ??? Sound ???
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media One or two 5.25" disk-drives
I/O Ports Tape (500 or 1500 bauds), Centronics, I/O ports compatible with Model III OS ???
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price ???
Sold ??? Serial Number 010626
Other Extras Tandy Monitor Bought Where Ieper
Bought When May 09, 2002 Condition OK
Price Paid - Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

It works !

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Tandy 1000-01:

Bought via auction site in Ieper together with lots of macs on 09/05/2002

I paid 160 for this:

Apple Macintosh SE 4/40
Apple Macintosh SE/30-02
Apple Macintosh LC-01
Apple Macintosh LC-02
Apple Macintosh IIsi-01
Apple Macintosh IIsi-02
Apple Macintosh IIsi-03
Apple Macintosh IIci
Apple Power PC 7100/66
Apple colour monitor
Tandy TRS80 Model 4P + an extra drive
Tandy 1000
A large box with old (PC) manuals and software (OS/2 Warp, Arc SOLO, )
Also got an Amiga 1000 keyboard