TRS 80 Model II

TRS 80 Model II ( Model Number: 26-4002) - 01
The TRS-80 model II, is the obscure brother of the TRS-80 family.
Many internet pages deal with the models 1,3 and 4 but omit the model 2...
This is maybe because the TRS-80 Model 2 was intended to be a business
computer for use in offices and labs. Thus it is equiped with a full height
Shugart 8'' drive with a capacity of 500k which is a lot compared to the
87k offered by the TRS-80 Model 1 system disk.
It is also possible to connect up to 4 floppy disk units, so you could
have 2MB disk space online ! 

It runs under TRSDOS, but can also achieve CP/M compatibility. 

Options for the machine included a hard disk controller,
an arcnet network card, a graphics card and a 6 MHz 68000 board set
with extra memory (up to 512K) so it could run XENIX. 

Manufacturer Tandy Radio Shack Name TRS 80 Model II
Type Professional Computer Origine USA
Introduction Date May 1979 End of production ???
Built in Language Basic delivered on disk Keyboard Full-stroke keyboard with separated numeric keypad
CPU Zilog Z80 A Speed 4 Mhz
Coprocessor - Amount of Ram 32 / 64 KB depending on models
Vram ??? Rom ?? kb
Text Modes 40 x 24 / 80 x 24 Graphic Modes None, but 32 graphical symbols are available to simulate graphics
Colors monochrome built-in monitor Sound ???
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media One full height Shugart 8'' drive, single sided floppies with a capacity of 500K
I/O Ports Centronics/Parallel port, 2 x serial/RS232 ports OS TRS-DOS
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price $3,450 (USA, october 1979)
Sold ??? Serial Number 64051483
Other Extras None Bought Where Ebay
Bought When June 16, 2003 Condition Working
Price Paid 51 Specs of my Model ??
Setup Today ???

Missing operating system Damned exploding Tandy parts

Inside the TRS 80 II Expansion Cards

The last Maintenance Serial Number

TRS 80 Model II-01:

Bought 16/06/2003 on Ebay (51 )
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