TRS 80

TRS 80 ( Model Number: 26-01001 ) - 04
The Tandy TRS 80 model 1 was the first member of one of the most famous
computer family.
It was one of the first home computer and was launched at the same time
as famous computers like the Apple II or the Commodore PET. 

It use a black & white TV set, made by RCA, without tuner as monitor.
The earlier models use a poor basic called Basic Level 1
(the basic and the OS fits in the 4 KB ROM !). 
It was replaced later with the Basic Level 2 which needs a 12 KB ROM. 

To offset its poor characteristics, Tandy developed a device called
Expansion Interface which brings a lot of new features : additional 16 
or 32kb RAM, two tape unit connectors, a printer port, 
a floppy disk controller, a serial port and a real time clock. 

When it was connected to a floppy disk unit, the TRS 80 uses the TRS DOS
operating system, it was pretty bugged and most of the TRS80 users prefered
NEW DOS, it is an operating system done by a third-party 
company called Apparat. 
This OS was the real TRS 80 operating system. 

It was followed with the TRS 80 model II (business computer) and model III
(the model III has almost the same characteristics as the model I).


Manufacturer Tandy Radio Shack Name TRS 80
Type Homecomputer Origine USA
Introduction Date 1977 End of production ???
Built in Language Basic Level 1 (4k ROM models); Basic Level II (12k ROM models) Keyboard Full-stroke keyboard, 53 Keys, optional numeric keypad
CPU Zilog Z80 Speed 1,77 Mhz
Coprocessor ??? Amount of Ram 4 kb / 16 kb depending on models (up to 48 kb)
Vram 1Kb Rom 4 kb (Basic Level 1) or 12kb (Basic Level 2)
Text Modes 32 x 16, 64 x 16 Graphic Modes 128 x 48
Colors monochrom Sound None
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media None
I/O Ports Monitor, cassette interface, expansion port OS TRS DOS - NEW DOS
Power Supply External Introduction Price #26-1003: Model I, Level I, 16K = 700fr.(France,81); #26-1004: Model I, Level II, 4K = 640 fr.(France,81); #26-1006: Model I, Level II, 16K = $1099
Sold ??? Serial Number 116734
Other Extras None Bought Where Wuustwezel
Bought When March 30, 2002 Condition Untested (No power supply)
Price Paid 10 Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Back view Serial Number

TRS 80-04:

Bought on 31/08/2002 in Wuustwezel.

Bought lots of computers via ebay from this guy.

Kaypro II_01 (50 )
Apple //c_01 (31 )
Macintosh Performa 6320_01 (26 )
Macintosh Portable _01(50 )
Tandy TRS 80 Model 1 _04 (With Monitor) (10 )
Tandy TRS 80 Model III _03 + printer (10 )
Compaq Portable III_02 (9.50 )
IBM Personal Computer XT_01 (5.25 )
An old Dia Projector (5.75 )