Coco 2

Coco 2 ( Model Number: 26-3003 B ) - 04
The TRS 80 Color Computer 2 (coco2) replaced the Color Computer "Model 1"
in 1983. 
It has the same characteristics than the Model 1 but has a better keyboard
and a more integrated circuitry. 

There were several models of the Coco2, some with only 8k ROM (Color Basic)
called Standard Color Computer 2, and others with 16k ROM
(Extended Color Basic) called the Extended Color Computer 2. 
Some later models differ also in RAM capacity (16k, 32k or 64k). 

It was replaced with the TRS-80 color model III in 1986. 


Manufacturer Tandy Radio Shack Name Coco 2
Type Homecomputer Origine USA
Introduction Date 1983 End of production ???
Built in Language ??? Keyboard Full-stroke keyboard
CPU Motorola 6809 E Speed 0,89 Mhz (1,8 Mhz by programming the clock generator)
Coprocessor ??? Amount of Ram 16k, 32k and 64k, depending on models
Vram ??? Rom 8Kb (Color Basic), but later models had 16Kb (Extended Color Basic)
Text Modes 32 x 16, 16 x 16, 16 x 8 Graphic Modes 256 x 192 (2 colors), 128 x 192 (2 and 4 colors), 128 x 96 (4 and 2 colors), 32 x 64 (8 colors)
Colors 9 Sound 1 voice (6-bit DAC)
Size / Weight Depending on models Built in Media None
I/O Ports Expansion/Cartridge connector, two analog joystick connectors, cassette interface (1500 bauds), RS232 serial port, TV RF connector OS OS9 with disk-drives
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price 16k standard model: $159.95(USA, 84); 16k extended model: $199.95(USA, 84); 64k extended model: $259.95(USA, 84)
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras Multi pak interface, Double disk drive and lots of diskettes, Datasette with lots of cassettes, Lots of cartridges, 2 Tandy Deluxe and 1 other joystick, Tandy Mouse, 2 Self made kits (80 column screen and disk drive interface), Some Manuals Bought Where Schepdaal
Bought When July 11, 2002 Condition Excellent
Price Paid - Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Total View (right) The multipak

The multipak, nicely boxed Inside the multipak Box

Inside the Coco 2 A leaky Battery

Back view Serial Number

Right view

Coco 2-04:

Bought in Schepdaal (Brussels), together with lots of other stuff
on 11/07/2002.

This is a list of the things I bought in Schepdaal:

Tandy TRS80 Model III 16Kb RAM
Tandy TRS80 Coco2 16Kb Ram (26-3026)
Tandy TRS80 Coco2 64Kb Ram (26-3003B)
Tandy multi pak interface
Double disk drive and lots of diskettes
Datasette with lots of cassettes
Lots of cartridges
2 Tandy Deluxe and 1 other joystick
Tandy Mouse
2 Self made kits (80 column screen and disk drive interface)
Videopac G7000
26 Videopacs
C7010 Chess Module
C7420 Home Computer Module
Some Manuals

Paid 100Ä

Actually this collection was a tip from the guy in Wervik, he didnít
have the time to go to Schepdaal and so we made a deal.

I would buy the stuff and give him the Videopac with the games.

One problem though: the videopac didnít work, I gave him one of mine and
I got a Tandy TRS80 200 Laptop.

Good Guy !

When I unpacked everything I noticed I didnít got the Chess and 
Home Computer Module.

I collected them on 15/07/2002