SparcStation 10

SparcStation 10 - 01
A low cost workstation for multiprocessing use. 
If you are looking for a low cost entry-level workstation for
multiprocessing the SPARCstation 10 is an excellent choice.
With many built in features.
ISDN technology and multimedia capabilities you can experience all that
it has to offer. 

Single Circuit Board. 
SuperSPARC microprocessor. 
1 MB Super Cache. 
Compact pizza-box design. 
Solaris environment. Upgradable to the latest Solaris 7. 
Rich Graphics capabilities. 
Built in Multimedia capabilities. 

The SPARCstaion 10 integrates all the most important features of a
workstation on a single circuit board.
Because there are fewer components that can fail, the system is highly
The Super SPARC microprocessor, based on scaleable SPARC technology,
can execute three instructions concurrently, enabling superior integer
and floating -point performance for complex computations.
With the 1-MB SuperCache, large programs run fast and efficiently.
The cache controller lets the CPU run asynchronous to the system clock,
so you can opt for faster CPUs as they come available. 
The pizza-box design is packed with an incredible amount of functionality.
There's plenty of room to add more CPUs for increased power or
multiprocessing, more memory (up to 512 MB), and up to two 3.5-inch
internal SCSI hard disks for more storage.
Great graphics, at an affordable price.
The SPARCstation 10 has an imaging accelerator integrated directly into
the SPARCstation 10 memory controller.
What this gives you is a powerful 2D/3D 24-bit color graphics performance.
Built-in multimedia capabilities, let's you combine technologies such
as CD, audio video and telephone into your everyday applications. 

The systems Mbus design lets you plug in new and faster CPU's as they emerge. 
Four Sbus slots to allow for maximum expandability. 
The fast 10-MB/sec SCSI adapter allows high speed transfers. 
A 10BaseT (TPE) port supports twisted-pair technology, for low cost
The AUI port supports both thick and thin Ethernet networking. 

With multiple configurations to choose from, you can find a SPARCstation 10
system that suits the work you do, with a choice of monitors, graphics and
room for one floppy drive, two hard drives, four Sbus slots, even a CD-ROM.
Yet it's compact pizza box design saves desktop space.


Manufacturer Sun Name SparcStation 10
Type Professional Computer Origine ???
Introduction Date May 1992 End of production July 1994
Built in Language ??? Keyboard -
CPU SuperSPARC Speed 33, 36, 40, 45, and 50MHz
Coprocessor ??? Amount of Ram 32 Mb
Vram ??? Rom ???
Text Modes ??? Graphic Modes ???
Colors ??? Sound ???
Size / Weight 7.6cm h. x 41.7cm w. x 40.9cm d. / 20kg. Built in Media 3.5" floppy
I/O Ports Parallel, Serial, Audio, ISDN (NT/TE), Ethernet (TP), SCSI-2, Keyboard OS Solaris
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price ???
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras Bought Where Ieper
Bought When 2002/06/09 Condition Unknown, can't connect to it
Price Paid - Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Back view Inside th SS10

Inside the SS10 (a little closer) The Motherboard

Motherboard Model The SuperSparc CPU

Serial Parallel Controller Card Serial Parallel Controller Card (Serial Number)

The Memory Dimms The two Harddisks

Info External audio Connector

Serial Parallel Controller Patch Panel Serial Parallel Controller Patch Panel (Model Number)

SparcStation 10-01:

Some additional information:

CPU (Motherboard Number) : 501-2365
SuperSPARC : 501-2219  SM40 SuperSPARC Module @ 40 Mhz
Memory : 501-2273  16 Mb 5.0V ECC 80ns DIMM (2x = 32Mb Total Ram)
Serial Parallel Controller card (SPC/S) : 501-1931
Patch Panel for the Serial Parallel Controller card : 540-2007


The same guy from whom I bought (on 09/05/2002) most of my Macs (Ieper)

This time (09/06/2002) I bought:

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Apple Macintosh Classic_01
Apple Macintosh LC_03
Apple Macintosh Plus_01
Apple PowerMac 6100/60_01
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Apple Quadra 650_01
Apple Macintosh IIvx_03
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Apple 15 colour display
Macintosh 14 colour display
3 x Macintosh 13 colour display
Some Apple keyboards & mice
Sun Sparcstation 10

paid 170