RM 600

RM 600 - 01


Manufacturer Kaypro Name RM 600
Type Mainframe Origine ???
Introduction Date ??? End of production ???
Built in Language ??? Keyboard ???
CPU ??? Speed ???
Coprocessor ??? Amount of Ram ???
Vram ??? Rom ???
Text Modes ??? Graphic Modes ???
Colors ??? Sound ???
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media ???
I/O Ports ??? OS ???
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price ???
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras ??? Bought Where ???
Bought When ??? Condition ???
Price Paid 25000 Bfr. Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Front view with 2 Terminals The two cabinets - opened

Hood to acces the mainboards removed from left cabinet The Mainboards

A closer look Inside The names of the mainboards: CPU0, MCU, MAU0, MAU1, I/O and I/O Bay Coupling

Left cabinet: 2 x 1.3gig HD, Dat Streamer, Disk Drive and Streamer The Back of the Cabinets

Back doors of cabinets opened Back of the left cabinet



I/O I/O Bay Coupling

RM 600-01:

Really dumb but I bought this one in a second hand shop in Ghent, 
paid 25000 Bfr. for it and never used it.
At that time I worked in Kluisbergen (mid 1997 I think).

Although I have to say it looks really nice I didnít managed yet to boot
this thing.

It is a Unix (Sinix Ė the Siemens Unix) machine with 3 massive 1.3Gig HDís,
Exabyte DAT streamer, CD-ROM, Disk drive.

I still didnít find usefull information about the internal specifications.

Together with the RM600 I got lotís of computer trash (matrix printers,
old XT and AT, keyboards, Ö).