ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum - 03

After the success of his two previous computers, the ZX-80 and particuraly
the ZX-81, in april 1982 Sir Clive Sinclair presents the ZX-Spectrum.
For the first time, a computer with high-resolution graphics, colors,
sound and 48k RAM was sold under 25.
Once more Sinclair revolutioned the micro computers industry with new

After the launch of the Spectrum, many other micro-computer manufacturers
were forced to reduce their prices, and 17 months after the release of the
Spectrum, the sales already reached 1 million units !

The critics first saw the ZX Spectrum has an enhancement of the ZX-81,
but it is much more ! 

The Sinclair Spectrum was one of the most popular European computers
of the 80's.
Two models were launched: one with 16 kb RAM and one with 48 kb ram. 

One of its most "interesting" characteristics is its keyboard!
Some keys have more than five (!) functions! It is impossible to type BASIC
keywords letter by letter but you have to use functions keys.
A lot of peripherals and programs were developed for this computer.
It seems that several models of this computers were launched (at least 3),
but I've no technical details about them.
It was replaced in 1984 by the Spectrum +, then by the Spectrum 128. 


Manufacturer Sinclair Name ZX Spectrum
Type Homecomputer Origine UK
Introduction Date April 1982 End of production 1984
Built in Language Sinclair Basic Keyboard QWERTY rubber keyboard (40 keys) with up to 6 functions by keys !
CPU Zilog Z80A Speed 3.5 Mhz
Coprocessor ??? Amount of Ram 16k or 48k (42k left for programming)
Vram ??? Rom 16k (Basic & OS)
Text Modes 32 x 24 Graphic Modes 256 x 192
Colors 8 with two tones each (normal and bright) Sound 1 voice / 10 octaves (Beeper)
Size / Weight 23 x 14,4 x 3 cm / 550g Built in Media None
I/O Ports Expansion port, tape-recorder (1200 bauds), RF video out OS ???
Power Supply External PSU, 9v DC, 1.4A (centre polarity = -ve) Introduction Price 16k model :282 (France, 83); 48k model : 365 (France, 83)
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras Boxed Bought Where Wuustwezel
Bought When September 1, 2002 Condition Not tested yet
Price Paid 12.5 Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Nicely Boxed Other side of the Box

Inside the Box Back View

ZX Spectrum-03:

Bought via auction site for 12.5 on 01/09/2002 (Wuustwezel)
Collected it on 05/10/2002

I bought lots of stuff (again) from this guy:

Zx-Spectrum Boxed (12.5)
Zx-Spectrum+ (30)
MS-Dos 5.0 (2.75)
Sinclair Manual (2.50)
ZX Spectrum Machiene Code (book) (1.5)
ZX Spectrum Praktische Tips (book) (1.5)
Handboek CPM (book) (1.5)
ZX Spectrum 49 Games (book) (1.5)
Word Writer (Software for C64) (2)
Amiga Supdradrive Handboek (manual) (0.5)
Commodore C128 (manual) (0.5)
Amiga 1000 with keyboard and external Disk Drive (25)
IBM PS/2 Model 70 386 - type 8570 (2.5)
IBM PS/2 Model 50 - type 8550 (2.5)
IBM PS/2 Model 55 sx - type 8555 (2.5)
IBM External 5.25" Disk Drive (10)
Philips P3202 (Gift)
Philips CM8521 Color Monitor (Gift)
Laser LC189 Color Monitor (Gift)
HP Vectra ES/12 (Gift)
Compaq Prolinea (Stripped) (Gift)
Photo Camera Zenit-B (Gift)

The same day I collected a Tandy 1000 TL/2 (Boom) with a philips ??? monitor
which I bought on ?Ebay? (??/??/??) and paid ??? for it.