PC 7000

PC 7000 - 01
Sharp always had a reputation for building technically sound but rather
strange computers, ignoring 'industry standards'.
The PC-7000 broke this image. 

This was a "lunchbox" portable IBM PC compatible system.
It had two 5''1/4 disk-drives mounted on the right side and a nice
blue tiltable screen, the world's first backlit LCD. 

The system consisted of three main parts: system unit, keyboard
and optional CE-700P printer.
When the system had to be carried, both the keyboard and the printer
clipped into the main unit. 

One year later (1986) , the PC-7100 was launched.
It had a 20Mb hard-disk instead of the second built-in 5''1/4 FDD. 


Manufacturer Sharp Name PC 7000
Type Portable Origine Japan
Introduction Date 1985 End of production ???
Built in Language None Keyboard Full-stroke keyboard, numeric keypad, 10 function keys
CPU intel 8086 Speed 7.37 or 4.77 Mhz
Coprocessor optional 8087 math co-processor Amount of Ram 320Kb (704Kb max.)
Vram - Rom 16 Kb
Text Modes 80 x 24 Graphic Modes 640 x 200
Colors Monochrom LCD display Sound beeper
Size / Weight 410 x 160 x 215 mm / 8,5 Kg Built in Media 2 x 5''1/4 disk-drives (500k each)
I/O Ports Serial port, parallel port OS MS-Dos
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price ???
Sold ??? Serial Number 6065224
Other Extras Bag Bought Where Ebay
Bought When 19/04/2003 Condition Good
Price Paid 15 Specs of my Model -
Setup Today ???

The Bag in which the PC7000 came (not original Sharp) Screenshot


Back View Serial Number

PC 7000-01:

Bought on ebay (19/04/2003).
Paid 15

Normally I had to pay shipping costs as well but this person went on
holiday and so he brought it to me.
Thanks !