C3 667

C3 667 - 01
The C3-667 features a VIA C3 1GigaPro CPU (on board) @ 667 MHz,
128 Mb Ram (PC 133), 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN (on board), 
DirectSound AC97 Codec (on board), 3D AGP Graphics Accelerator
(in North bridge), 4.3 Gb Harddisk.

Manufacturer Selfmade Name C3-667
Type PC Origine Belgium
Introduction Date - End of production -
Built in Language - Keyboard -
CPU VIA C3 1Gigapro Speed 667 Mhz
Coprocessor VIA C3 (Integrated) Amount of Ram 128 Mb (PC133)
Vram - Rom 2Mb Flash ROM
Text Modes - Graphic Modes -
Colors - Sound DirectSound AC97 Codec (on board)
Size / Weight - Built in Media 3.5" 1.44 Mb disk drive, DVD-Rom player, 4.3 Gb harddisk
I/O Ports ??? OS Suse Linux 8.0
Power Supply Internal (ATX) Introduction Price -
Sold - Serial Number -
Other Extras - Bought Where Neva
Bought When ??? Condition Excellent
Price Paid ??? Specs of my Model -
Setup Today ???

Inside the C3-667 Close-up on the Main Board

Back view

C3 667-01:

This on was bought at Neva.
I paid 5000 Bfr. for the mainboard, 2000 Bfr. for the 19" case and 
1000 Bfr. for the 128 Mb Ram.
I installed a 4.3 Gb harddisk and a DVD player in it.
Today it runs with Suse Linux 8.0