Euro PC

Euro PC - 02
CPU: INTEL 8086 at 8 Mhz. RAM: 512 kB. Hard disk: Schneider 1701.
For the first time SCHNEIDER used a 3.5 inch diskette drive.
It is said that the specifications are the same as those of the
SINCLAIR PC 200, which was produced by SCHNEIDER / AMSTRAD at that time.
It dates back to 1988. PSU present.


Erster eigenständiger PC von der Schneider Computer Division nach
der Trennung von Amstrad. Veraltete Technik in modernem Gewand billig 
Besonderheit für einen IBM Clones: externes Netzteil.
Wurde mit MS Works sowie Digital Researchs GEM ausgeliefert.


Manufacturer Schneider Name Euro PC
Type Homecomputer Origine Germany
Introduction Date April 1988 End of production ???
Built in Language - Keyboard 86 Keys
CPU 8088 Speed 4.77, 8 or 9.54 Mhz (Bios)
Coprocessor - Amount of Ram 512 kb
Vram - Rom 32 Kb
Text Modes 80x25 Graphic Modes CGA 620x200, Hercules 720x384
Colors 16 Sound PC-Speaker
Size / Weight W:84,5cm x D:22cm x H:6,5cm / 2.6Kg Built in Media 720 Kb 3.5" Floppy Disk
I/O Ports Monitor (CGA / Herkules),1 x ISA slot, Serial, Parallel OS MS-Dos 3.3
Power Supply External Introduction Price 1400 DM
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras - Bought Where Gent
Bought When ??? Condition Good
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Bought from Kris Garrein on January 4, 2003

Paid 70 € for this :
Schneider Euro-PC_01 + Power Supply
Schneider Euro-PC_02 + External Disk Drive FD360
Schneider Euro-PC_03
Schneider Joyce_01 (PCW8512) + Schneider PCW8512 Matrixprinter & Boot Disk
Amstrad PCW8512_01 + Amstrad PCW8512 Matrixprinter, Boot Disks & Pedals
Philips P2000C_01
Philips P2000C_02
Philips P3105_01
Philips & MBLE P2000-MC11_01
Philips VG8235
CBM 3032_01