VG 8235

VG 8235 - 01
The Philips VG8235 belongs to the MSX 2 standard. 

It is the successor of the the short-lived VG8230,
with only 64K RAM and without disk drive. 

Contrary to the other MSX computers, the Philips uses a custom chip
for the sound instead of the "classic" Yamaha YM-2149.

The computer can use all of its 128kB memory, the MSX-2 standard 
allows a computer to have 4 slots, which in turn can all have 4 sub-slots,
which can each hold a memory-mapper, which can be up to 4MB in size.
In theory, therefore, an MSX-2 computer can hold 4x4x4 = 64MB RAM.
However, the system ROM etc usually needs a (sub)slot, and so do
other periferals. 

It was followed by the VG 8245, a VG 8235 with a new case and double
sided diskdrive, then by the NMS8250, an MSX-2 model with detached keyboard,
the NMS8255, same as the NMS8250, but with two floppy drives built in,
and the (legendary) NMS8280, an MSX-2 computer with video-processing
capabilities built into it. 


Manufacturer Philips Name VG 8235
Type Homecomputer Origine The Netherlands
Introduction Date 1985 End of production ???
Built in Language ??? Keyboard ???
CPU Zilog Z80 Speed 3.58 Mhz
Coprocessor V9938 (video), S3527 (RAM, I/O, Keyboard, Tape, Centronics, Sound) Amount of Ram 128 Kb
Vram 128 Kb Rom 64 kb
Text Modes 40 x 24 / 80 x 24 Graphic Modes Seven graphic modes : 512 x 212 maximum
Colors 256 simultaneously maximum among 512 Sound three channels, 8 octaves
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media One 3.5'' FDD
I/O Ports Centronics, Cartridge (2), Floppy Disk, Tape, RGB, Joystick (2) OS MSX DOS
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price ???
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras - Bought Where Gent
Bought When January 4, 2003 Condition Good
Price Paid - Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???


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VG 8235-01:

Bought from Kris Garrein on January 4, 2003

Paid 70  for this :
Schneider Euro-PC_01 + Power Supply
Schneider Euro-PC_02 + External Disk Drive FD360
Schneider Euro-PC_03
Schneider Joyce_01 (PCW8512) + Schneider PCW8512 Matrixprinter & Boot Disk
Amstrad PCW8512_01 + Amstrad PCW8512 Matrixprinter, Boot Disks & Pedals
Philips P2000C_01
Philips P2000C_02
Philips P3105_01
Philips & MBLE P2000-MC11_01
Philips VG8235_01
CBM 3032_01