PS/2 type:9577

PS/2 type:9577 - 01
Excerpt from the original announcement letter; 
The new Premier PS/2(R) 76, 77 and Ultimedia(TM) M77 are full 32 bit 486
Micro Channel(R) systems designed to enhance the PS/2 product line at very
attractive prices. 
...These systems are offered in two mechanical packages, the PS/2 76 provides
3 slots (2 slots available for expansion) and 3 bays (1 available for
expansion) and the PS/2 77 and M77 provide 5 slots (of which 4 slots on
the 77 and 3 slots on M77 are available for expansion) and 4 bays
(of which 2 bays on the 77 and 1 on the M77 are available for expansion).
...Standard features on these new systems include a SCSI Controller with
larger and faster hard disk drives, video is provided via the XGA-2(TM)
Display Adapter/A designed to meet the International Standard Organization
(ISO) requirements, support for up to 32MB of 70 ns memory on the planar,
two 9-pin serial ports, A high speed DMA parallel port and OS/2 2.00.1
installed on the hard disk drive and ready for use in a standard
The enhanced IBM mouse is a standard feature in all the systems.
In addition, M77 Ultimedia Models come with a CD-ROM, built-in audio
functions and a variety of Ultimedia sampler applications.
The systems support up to 32 MB of 70-ns memory on the planar in four
SIMM sockets.
All systems ship with one 8MB single in-line memory module (SIMM) located
in SIMM socket 1 leaving three SIMM socket available for memory expansion.

Manufacturer IBM Name PS/2 type:9577
Type PC Origine USA
Introduction Date October, 1992 End of production ???
Built in Language - Keyboard 101 key enhanced, 122 key host connect, 84 key space saving
CPU Intel 80486 SX or 80486DX2 Speed 33 Mhz or 66Mhz
Coprocessor optional 80486 DX2-66 (486sx-33 models only) Amount of Ram Min/Max on system board: 8/32MB
Vram ??? Rom 128kb
Text Modes - Graphic Modes Graphics modes supported: Integrated 32-bit XGA-2 Display adapter; 1024x768, 256 colours, 75Hz NI / 800x600, 65,536 colours / 640x480, 65,536 colours
Colors 65536 Sound ???
Size / Weight (HxWxD): (115 x 360 x 395mm); 11.8kg (26.0 lbs) Built in Media 3.5" 2.88 Mb disk drive, Harddisk: 212MB (0UA), 400MB (0UF), 212MB (0NA), 400MB (0NF)
I/O Ports PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, 2 DMA serial, DMA parallel, XGA-2, SCSI OS IBM PC DOS Versions 5.0, 5.00.1 or higher
Power Supply Internal, 197w, 110-220VAC manual voltage switch Introduction Price $4,153 (9577-0UA), $4,920 (9577-0NA)
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras None Bought Where Second Hand Shop 1
Bought When ??? Condition Excellent
Price Paid 400 Bfr. Specs of my Model DX2, 16Mb Ram, 343 Mb HD, OS/2 Warp
Setup Today ???

Booting Warp OS/2 Warp

Inside the PS/2 Expansion Slots

Back view Serial Number

PS/2 type-9577:

Bought at second-hand shop 1 (price tag: 400 Bfr)

Intel 486 DX2 @ 50Mhz, 16Mb ECC Ram, Disk drive 2.88Mb,
Conner CFA340S - 343Mb SCSI HD, S3 928 (onboard), OS: OS/2 Warp