PS/2 type:8570

PS/2 type:8570 - 01
Excerpt from the original announcement letter; 	   
The Personal System/2 Model 70 enhances the IBM Personal System/2 family
of systems by offering a new level of performance in a desktop unit.
The system is highlighted by the Micro Channel(TM) Architecture with a 16
or 20MHz 80386 32-bit microprocessor, high density memory technology,
and a wide range of integrated features.
With the capability of supporting up to 16MB of high speed real memory,
60MB (Model E61) or 120MB (Model 121) of disk storage,
advanced graphics (VGA), and an optional 80387 Math Co-Processor,
this system provides significant performance enhancements for desktop
computer operations.
It maintains compatibility with most existing software products for
Personal Computer systems. 


Manufacturer IBM Name PS/2 type:8570
Type PC Origine USA
Introduction Date June 2, 1988 End of production ???
Built in Language - Keyboard 101 key enhanced
CPU Intel 80386 (32 bit, "DX" processor) Speed 16 Mhz (E21), 20Mhz (1xx models), 25Mhz (Axx models)
Coprocessor socket for optional i80387 math coprocessor Amount of Ram Min/Max on system board: 1/6MB (Exx,1xx), 2/8MB (Axx) (expandable to 16MB with memory options)
Vram ??? Rom 128kb
Text Modes - Graphic Modes VGA : 320x200, 256 colours / 640x480, 16 colours
Colors 256 Sound ???
Size / Weight (HxWxD): (140 x 360 x 420mm), 9.5 Kg (21 lbs.) Built in Media 3.5" 1.44 Mb disk drive, 60 or 120 Mb harddisk
I/O Ports PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, serial, parallel, VGA OS IBM PC DOS Versions 3.30 or higher, OS/2 1.0SE or higher, AIX PS/2
Power Supply Internal, 132w, 110-220VAC auto sense Introduction Price $ 8,845 (8570-E61), $ 11,795 (8570-121)
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras None Bought Where Wuustwezel
Bought When September 7, 2002 Condition Unknown
Price Paid 2.5 Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Back view Model Number

Serial Number

PS/2 type-8570 - 01

Bought via auction site for 2.5 on 07/09/2002 (Wuustwezel)
Collected it on 05/10/2002

I bought lots of stuff (again) from this guy:

Zx-Spectrum Boxed (12.5)
Zx-Spectrum+ (30)
MS-Dos 5.0 (2.75)
Sinclair Manual (2.50)
ZX Spectrum Machiene Code (book) (1.5)
ZX Spectrum Praktische Tips (book) (1.5)
Handboek CPM (book) (1.5)
ZX Spectrum 49 Games (book) (1.5)
Word Writer (Software for C64) (2)
Amiga Supdradrive Handboek (manual) (0.5)
Commodore C128 (manual) (0.5)
Amiga 1000 with keyboard and external Disk Drive (25)
IBM PS/2 Model 70 386 - type 8570 (2.5)
IBM PS/2 Model 50 - type 8550 (2.5)
IBM PS/2 Model 55 sx - type 8555 (2.5)
IBM External 5.25" Disk Drive (10)
Philips P3202 (Gift)
Philips ??? Color Monitor (Gift)
Laser ??? Color Monitor (Gift)
HP Vectra ES/12 (Gift)
Compaq Prolinea (Stripped) (Gift)
Photo Camera ??? (Gift)

The same day I collected a Tandy 1000 TL/2 (Boom) with a philips ??? monitor
which I bought on ?Ebay? (??/??/??) and paid ??? for it.