Pentium 2 @ 300Mhz

Pentium2 @ 300 - 01
The Electroline Pentium2-300 features a Pentium II @ 300 Mhz.
Original it had 64 Mb Ram, 2.1Gb Harddisk, miro 20SV and came with a
19" LG monitor.

Manufacturer Electroline Name Pentium2-300
Type PC Origine Belgium
Introduction Date - End of production -
Built in Language - Keyboard -
CPU Intel Pentium II Speed 300 MHz
Coprocessor Intel Pentium II (integrated) Amount of Ram 64 Mb
Vram 2 Mb Rom -
Text Modes - Graphic Modes -
Colors - Sound -
Size / Weight - Built in Media 3.5" 1.44 Mb disk drive, 2.1Gb harddisk
I/O Ports - OS Windows NT 4.0
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price -
Sold - Serial Number -
Other Extras - Bought Where Deinze
Bought When ??? Condition Good
Price Paid ??? Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Inside the Pentium2-300 (Left) Inside the Pentium2-300 (Right)

Closer look inside Cards (Left to Right) ATI all in Wonder Radeon, Soundblaster Live, Netgear FA 310TX, Iomega Buz, Fan

Back view


With the money I had from my 166Mhz and a lot more I bought my first Pentium II.

The mainboard was an Asus P2B, a Pentium II @ 300 Mhz, it had 64Mb ram
a 2.1Gb HD and because I sold my 17” Goldstar monitor I bought a 19” LG
(new name of goldstar, price tag for the monitor: 36000 Bfr).
All built in a YEONG YANG big tower case.
The original graphic card was a my old Miro 20SV for a while.
I bought an ATI All in Wonder pro (PCI / 8Mb) in the Makro-EKE for 5000Bfr, 
I had to choose between an AGP with 4Mb or a PCI wit 8Mb for the same price.
I took the PCI version, maybe not very clever at that time but now I am glad 
I did decide so. It’s the best PCI card I have.
Later I bought an Elsa Erazor X (Geforce 256 with 32Mb Ram) 
at computerwinkeltje – Brugge (price tag: 13000 Bfr) and inserted it. 
I had lots of problems with it because there were always artefacts visible,
I tried and tried but couldn’t find the problem. So I called to the store,
there they said I had to contact Elsa.
I did and the people at Elsa would send a new card to the store.
The store was kind enough not to wait till the new card arrived and gave
me another one immediately.
Afterwards I read somewhere that this was a well known problem with some
Elsa cards and it even was some kind of a test to make cards cheaper but
I have doubts about this.
I updated to 128 Mb
Bought a SoundBlaster Live player together with a Creative Voodoo 2 at
Microman (price tag: 6000 + 6000).
I bought a REALLY BIG server case at Neva to install my stuff in it for
the ridiculous price tag of 1500 Bfr but of course there was a
BIG problem with it too. It was NOT ATX conform. 
So together with Luc de Groote and Hans Hooreweghe we forced it ATX
conform with the help of two other friends: Black and Decker.
This system is still running and I am mainly using it to surf the web and
receive my mails.

Today it is running like this:

Asus P2B
Pentium II @ 300Mhz
196Mb Ram
Seagate Medalist Pro 9149 / Model: ST39140A - 9 Gig @ 7200Rpm
Western Digital Caviar WD400 / Model: WD400BB-00AUA1 - 40Gig @ 7200 Rpm
ATI Radeon All in Wonder 32Mb
Iomega Buzz (only used for the SCSI controller)
10/100 Mbit Netgear FA310TX NIC
5x Creative PC-DVD DXR2 player
SoundBlaster Live Player
Built in my REALLY BIG server case.