Pentium I - 166

Pentium1 @ 166 - 01
The Electroline Pentium1-166 features a Pentium I @ 166 Mhz.
It had 32 Mb Ram and a 2.1Gb Harddisk.

Manufacturer Electroline Name Pentium1-166
Type PC Origine Belgium
Introduction Date - End of production -
Built in Language - Keyboard -
CPU Intel Pentium I Speed 166 MHz
Coprocessor Intel Pentium I (integrated) Amount of Ram 32 Mb
Vram ??? Rom -
Text Modes - Graphic Modes -
Colors - Sound -
Size / Weight - Built in Media 3.5" 1.44 Mb disk drive, 2.1 Gb harddisk
I/O Ports - OS ???
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price -
Sold - Serial Number -
Other Extras - Bought Where Deinze
Bought When ??? Condition Sold
Price Paid ??? Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Back View Inside the Pentium I 166

The Motherboard The PI 166 at work


The upgrade of my Pentium 90 (which I sold to Tom Vandevelde)
gave me a Pentium @ 166 Mhz, 32Mb Ram and a HD of 2.1Gig
(Electroline; price tag unknown) and my Miro 20SV graphics card.

Part of the deal with Tom Vandevelde (that’s why I sold him my mainboard
and HD of the Pentium 90 quite cheap) was the big server case
(EYE9000 or so) I took over. And this was the new home of my Pentium 166.

My old soundcard was updated with a SoundBlaster AWE32
The graphics card was replaced by a Riva-128
I updated to 64Mb Ram
Inserted a 10/100 Mbit Netgear FA310TX NIC

Because I still had to live with my Panasonic KX-P1124 matrix printer I 
decided to buy a new one.
Being in the CAD business it had to be capable of printing on A3.

I bought an HP DeskJet 1100C (Electroline: price tag 23000 belgian francs)

This system was sold completely (also the Goldstar 17” and HP 1100C)
to Tom Bollez for about 55000 Bfr.

The time of the Pentium II arrived.