Dragon 32

Dragon 32 - 02

The DRAGON 32 enjoyed a pretty good success in Europe.
Its ROM holds the Operating System and a version of the Microsoft
Extended BASIC. 

One of its characteristics is partial compatibility with the
Tandy TRS 80 Color Series.
They can use same peripherals and some cartridges, but most ROM calls
will fail on the other computer.
However, the Dragon did have at least two advantages over the first
TRS-80 Color computer: A typewriter-style keyboard that was somewhat better
than the tandy's calculator-like keys; and a Centronics parallel-printer port. 

Two years later, the DRAGON 64 was launched which has the same
characteristics except the added memory (64k RAM instead of 32k),
a RS232c port and minor ROM changes. 


Manufacturer Dragon Data Ltd Name Dragon 32
Type Homecomputer Origine UK
Introduction Date January 1982 End of production ???
Built in Language Microsoft Extended Basic; Basic Interpreter 1.0 (1982) Keyboard QWERTY Mechanical keyboard 53 keys
CPU Motorola MC6809EP Speed 0.9 Mhz
Coprocessor Motorola MC-6847 Video Display Generator Amount of Ram 32 Kb
Vram ??? Rom 2 x 8K or 16K EPROM comprising Microsoft Extended BASIC
Text Modes 32 x 16 Graphic Modes Several graphic modes, max : 256 x 192 (with 2 colors)
Colors 8 Sound 1 voice, 5 octaves with the Basic; 4 voices, 7 octaves with machine code
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media None
I/O Ports TV connector, 2 analogue joystick ports, cassette port, Centronics parallel printer port, cartridge slot, composite monitor port OS ???
Power Supply External Introduction Price Dragon 32 : 455(France, november 83); 211(France, november 85)
Sold ??? Serial Number 051950 DG
Other Extras Two booklets Bought Where Wervik
Bought When june 28, 2002 Condition OK
Price Paid - Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Left view Right view

Back view Serial Number

Dragon 32-02:

Bought in Wervik (same guy I bought some MSX stuff) on 28/06/2002

Paid 180  for:

Commodore PET 2001_01
Sinclair QL_01
Sinclair QL_02
Sinclair QL+_01
Lots of QL stuff (magazines, manuals, microdrives, disk drive, 
	 	  self-made disk drive, diskettes, centronics Cable)
Atari 520Ste_01
Tandy TRS80 Coco_01 with Color graphic printer, DMP 110 printer and 2 joysticks
Schneider CPC 464
IBM PS/1 (Black) with monitor
Very heavy Mannesman A3 matrix printer