CDTV - 01
The Commodore Amiga CDTV is, in a way, the ancestor of the Amiga CD32
game console. 

Basically, it is an Amiga 500 with a CDROM drive. It was sold without
keyboard or mouse, but it was possible to connect them to the CDTV.
A 3.5" floppy disk drive (800 KB), was developped for this computer. 

It was designed to be a home enternainment device but it was too expensive
and only very few softwares and applications were developped for this
machine (Psygnosis made almost all softwares for CDTV).
In fact, Phillips succeded here with its CD-I few time later where
Commodore failed. 

There was two CDTV models : the CDTV-1 used the Amiga 500 hardware and
the CDTV-2 used the Amiga 500+ hardware. 

There even has been a prototype developed in 1992 called "CDTV-CR"
(for Cost Reduced). 
Unlike other Amiga CR revisions, the CDTV CR was completely redesigned,
utilizing the updated Amiga 600 technology.


Manufacturer Commodore Name CDTV (Model CD 1000)
Type Home Computer Origin USA
Introduction Date 1990 End of production 1995
Built in Language ??? Keyboard optional full-stroke professional keyboard
CPU Motorola MC 68000 Speed 7.14
Coprocessor Denise (8373 SuperDenise), Paula, Agnus, Gary Amount of Ram 512 KB (later expanded to 1Mb Chip RAM)
Vram ??? Rom 192 KB
Text Modes 60 x 32 / 80 x 32 Graphic Modes several graphic modes, most used : 320 x 240 (32 colors) / 640 x 240 (16 colors)
Colors 4096 Sound four 8 bit PCM voices
Size / Weight 430mm w. x 330mm d. x 95mm h. Built in Media Single speed CDROM (with caddy)
I/O Ports One credit card type slot (to save games scores) , 1 video slot, 1 DMA extension, Mouse & infrared joystick, Parallel, Serial, 15Khz RGB video, External floppy, Stereo RCA Audio jacks (16 bit), Colour composite Video output, MIDI In/Out, Headphone Jack OS AMIGA DOS, Kickstart: 1.3 (+ additional CD support)
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price 699 (1990, UK)
Sold ??? Serial Number Serial No. N1051KD0169 (Made in Japan)
Other Extras 5 CD's Bought Where Sint-Genesius-Rode
Bought When July 07, 2002 Condition Excellent
Price Paid 50 Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

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Serial Number


Bought via auction site in Sint-Genesius-Rode (Brussels) on 24/07/2002 for 50
Came with 5 CD's: Sim City, Fractal Universe, The Hutchinson Encyclopedia,
	 	  		  Psygnosis Demo, Bienvenue dans l'univers du CDTV.