C 64

C 64 - 10
The commodore 64 is, along with the Apple II and the Atari XL computers,
the most famous home computer. 
During its production from 1982 to 1993 (!) 17 to 22 million (!) of these
computer would sell, to put in perspective, that's more than all the
Macintoshes in the world. 

It was one of the first to offer a high quality sound chip and graphic
resolution with many colors and sprites. 

A great range of peripherals was developped for this computer and can use
several of the Vic 20 peripherals. 


Manufacturer Commodore Name C 64
Type Homecomputer Origine USA
Introduction Date 1982 End of production 1993
Built in Language Basic Keyboard Full-stroke keyboard, 4 function keys, 66 keys
CPU 6510 Speed 0.985 MHz (PAL) / 1.023 MHz (NTSC)
Coprocessor VIC II (Video), SID (Sound) Amount of Ram 64 KB
Vram None Rom 20 KB
Text Modes 40 x 25 Graphic Modes several, most used : 320 x 200
Colors 16 Sound 3 voices / 6 octaves (sound output through TV)
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media None
I/O Ports RGB (composite, chroma/luma and sound in/out), 2 x Joystick plugs, Cartridge slot, Tape interface (300 bps), Serial, User Port, TV RF output OS ???
Power Supply External Introduction Price $595 (USA, 1982)
Sold 30 million (Guiness book of records) Serial Number Ser. No. U.K.B 819165 (Made in England)
Other Extras None Bought Where Wervik
Bought When June 28, 2002 Condition Good
Price Paid - Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

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C 64-10:

Bought in Wervik (same guy I bought some MSX stuff) on 28/06/2002

Paid 180  for:

Commodore PET 2001_01
Sinclair QL_01
Sinclair QL_02
Sinclair QL+_01
Lots of QL stuff (magazines, manuals, microdrives, disk drive, 
        self-made disk drive, diskettes, centronics Cable)
Atari 520Ste_01
Tandy TRS80 Coco_01 with Color graphic printer, DMP 110 printer and 2 joysticks
Schneider CPC 464
IBM PS/1 (Black) with monitor
Very heavy Mannesman A3 matrix printer