C 16

C 16 - 01
The Commodore 16/116 belongs to the Commodore 264 series 
(with the Commodore Plus/4).
It was designed to replace the Commodore VIC 20, but it was not compatible
with the VIC-20, nor with the C64. 

It had the same characteristics as the Commodore Plus/4 : same graphic
resolution, same sound system, same CPU and speed, just less memory.
It has a powerful basic language (contrary to the VIC-20 or the C64) which
makes graphics and sounds easy to program. 

The C16, like the Commodore Plus/4 was a commercial failure and had no success. 

It seems that the first C16s had the two control ports labelled
JOY 0 and JOY 1 instead of JOY 1 and JOY 2 (just as a hint for collectors). 

Note that as well as the C116, the C16 lacks a user port. 


Manufacturer Commodore Name C 16
Type Homecomputer Origine USA
Introduction Date 1984 End of production
Built in Language ??? Keyboard ???
CPU 7501 Speed 0.89 MHz or 1.76 MHz
Coprocessor VIC-II (video & sound) Amount of Ram 16 KB (12 KB free for user)
Vram None Rom 32 KB
Text Modes 40 x 25 Graphic Modes 320 x 200 / 320 x 160 (with 5 lines of text) / 160 x 200 / 160 x 160 (with 5 lines of text)
Colors 121 Sound two channels; 4 octaves
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media None
I/O Ports Tape, Cartridge, Joystick (2), serial, Composite Video, TV OS ROM Based
Power Supply External Introduction Price ???
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras None Bought Where Berendrecht
Bought When 04 May, 2002 Condition Untested (no power supply)
Price Paid Gift Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Back view Serial Number

Inside the C 16 The Motherboard

C 16-01:

Kindly donated by the guy from which I bought the G7000-03 on 04/05/2002.

Came without supplies