Amiga 3000

Amiga 3000 - 01
Three Amiga 3000 models were produced : 3000, 3000UX, and 3000T. 

The 3000 was the desktop model (pictured here) which shipped with 
flippable 1.3 or 2.0 AmigaOS Roms. 

Amiga 3000T, released in 1991, was a tower system with built-in speaker,
32Mb RAM, high-resolution mouse, 100 Mb hard-drive, a lot of Zorro II slots,
a variety of drive bays, and a 25Mhz 68030 with a 68882 math coprocessor.

The 3000UX shipped with "AMIX", Commodore's System-5 derived UNIX which 
was very nice and came with X-windows. It was commodore's only serious 
attempt to get into the UNIX workstation market, and a noble effort that
unfortunately failed utterly. 

Notice it exists some rare Amiga 3000: the 3000/16 (speed is only 16 MHz)
and the Amiga 3000+ which uses an AGA video chip and a DSP. The 3000+ was
a prototype only. A few units are known to exist, but they are not supported.

The DSP was able to be a software modem in some configurations, 
which was extremely cool. 


Manufacturer Commodore Name Amiga 3000
Type Professionial Computer Origine USA
Introduction Date 1990 End of production ???
Built in Language ??? Keyboard ???
CPU Motorola MC68030 Speed 16 or 25 Mhz
Coprocessor Super Denise (video),Fat Agnus (memory manager, blitter & copper), Paula (I/O, sound), 68881 or 68882 (math processor), SCSI DMAC Amount of Ram 1-2 MB Chip RAM, up to 18 Mb (with 16Mb FAST) and theoricaly to 4 Gb.
Vram ??? Rom 512 Kb
Text Modes 60 x 32 / 80 x 32 Graphic Modes 12 graphic modes : from 320 x 240 to 960 x 512
Colors 32 (for 320 x X modes), 16 (for 640 x X modes) among 4096 + 2 Special modes : EHB 64 colors and HAM 4096 colors on static display Sound Four 8 bit PCM voices
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media one 3.5" disk-drive (880k), SCSI-2 Hard-Drive
OS AMIGA WorKBench 2.0x, Unix System (SVR4) V operating system I/O Ports Video (RGB, Composite), Parallel/Centronics, RS232c, SCSI, VGA, stereo sound, joysticks (atari) & mouse, 4 Zorro III internal slots, 2 ISA slots, 1 CPU slot, 1 video slot, external floppy, external SCSI-2, keyboard, Stereo audio output
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price Amiga 3000T (100Mb HD) : $4498 (USA, 1991), Amiga 3000T (200Mb HD) : $4998 (USA, 1991)
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras Commodore 1942, Ram expansion board, A2386SX, Picasso II, Ariadne II Bought Where Sint Denijs Westrem
Bought When end 1997 Condition Good
Price Paid 5000 Bfr. Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Motherboard Close-up on the motherboard (Revision 7.3)

The daughterboard (Revision 5) Well known problem: leaky batteries

The battery can leak now Bridgeboard A2386SX

Another leaking battery... ... and also removed

Ram expansion board The Picasso II Video Card

An Ariadne II networkcard I bought later


Bought from a guy in Sint-Denys Westrem - Ghent (think it was end 1997).

I worked in Kortrijk at that time and I remember it was snowing really heavy.

I paid 5.000 Bfr. For the main unit with commodore 1942 monitor,
lots of magazines, manuals and software.

A commodore 386sx bridgeboard, a Picasso II display card,
a memory expansion card, two disk drives, 52Mb HD, 105Mb HD and
Kickstart 3.0 Roms were installed in it.

I also paid 4.000 Bfr. for an external CD-ROM (way too much),
which later I used the case from to built in my plextor SCSI writer.

Today the system runs like this:

Amiga 3000
Ram expansion board
Picasso II
Ariadne II
IBM DPES-31080 HD (1Gig)
External Syquest Syjet 1.5Gig removable HD, which is working very well.

I am using this system as my main Amiga

On April 24, 2002 I decided to desolder the batteries and bought
a soldering iron (really cheap one). 

Didnít work so I bought another (not so cheap) soldering iron,
also without success.

I lent a heavy duty (very expensive) Weller soldering iron at work but the
damned solder still didnít want to melt. 

Tried till 400įC and stopped (didnít want to end up with an exploded battery)

I decided to use some force and removed the damned battery off
the motherboard.

Did the same with the bridgeboard.