Amiga 2000

Amiga 2000 - 01
The Commodore Amiga 2000 is the successor of the Amiga 1000.
As the Amiga 500 was "low-end" model of the new products, 
the 2000 was considered the "high-end" model in 1985. 

Like the original Amiga, it uses the same memory configuration with
chip RAM (512 KB which can be accessed by the custom chips) and fast RAM
(the rest of memory which can be accessed only by the CPU). 

There are three drive bays : two 3.5" front bays and one 5.25" front bay.
A 5.25" floppy drive or a half-height hard drive could be mounted into
this last bay. 

A Commodore 8088-cpu bridgeboard (a PC-on-a-card) was available.
When operating, 128k RAM is used as a "bridge" between the PC bus and 
the Amiga Bus. 
Two programs (called ARead and AWrite) make then data exchange between
PC and Amiga possible. The ISA slots can be used only with the 
"bridge" card and are unused in "Amiga mode". 

There are in fact 3 models and many variations of the A2000 : 

The Amiga 2000A, the "original A2000" was designed in Germany and was
based on a German Amiga 1000 motherboard. 
The system was based upon an interesting design but was restricted in 
many ways (the thin Agnus could only use 512 Kb RAM).
The machine had a number of reliability problems representing a refinement
of 1985 technology rather than an advancement. 

The Amiga 2000B is a kind of mix between the redesigned german 2000A and
a cost-reduced version of the A500. 
It is generally referred in the UK as the B2000. 

The Amiga 2000C is the final version of the A2000.
It is based upon the improved ECS Chipset, but otherwise is identical to
the 2000B. 
It is known as the Amiga 2000+ in the US and was shipped with the new
improved Kickstart 2.04. 

The model with a built-in disk controler and a hard disk was called
the Amiga 2000HD, it was shipped with an A209x SCSI controller and a
SCSI hard disk drive installed. 

The A2500 systems were based upon the final revisions of the A2000-B
motherboard design before the A3000 was released. 
The first model was released during 1989 and was most popular in the
US and Canada, appealing to the high-end user and professional market.
There was very little difference from previous revisions of the A2000,
the most notable being the addition of processor cards increasing
the system speed. 

The A1500 was a UK-specific machine derived from the A2000,
retailing at 999 (UKP) during 1990. 
Apart from shipping with two floppy drives, 1Mb memory and a new
nameplate there is hardly any difference between the A1500 and the A2000. 

Source : Amiga Interactive Guide 


Manufacturer Commodore Name Amiga 2000
Type Homecomputer Origine USA
Introduction Date ??? End of production ???
Built in Language ??? Keyboard Full-srtoke keyboard with seperated numeric keypad and arrow keys
CPU Motorola MC68000 Speed 7.14 Mhz
Coprocessor Fat Agnus (MMU), Paula (Sound & IO), Denise (video), Gary, OCS/ECS chipset Amount of Ram 512k or 1Mb (512K CHIP, 512K FAST on board), depending on models up to 9Mb : 1Mb Chip RAM + 8Mb FAST RAM
Vram None Rom 256 KB (DOS 1.2)
Text Modes 60 x 32 / 80 x 32 Graphic Modes 320 x 256 / 320 x 512 / 640 x 256 / 640 x 512
Colors 32 (for 320 x X modes), 16 (for 640 x X modes) among 4096 + 2 special modes EHB (64 colors) + HAM (4096 colors) Sound 4 voice 8 bit PCM
Size / Weight ??? Built in Media one 3.5'' disk-drive (880k), SCSI HD in 2000HD models
I/O Ports 4 PC ISA slots (2 AT & 2 XT), Processor card slot, 5 x Zorro II slots, Video slot, Serial/RS232, Parallel/Centronics, RGB & composite video outputs, Mouse, 2 x Stereo audio, Keyboard, External floppy OS AMIGA WorKBench 1.3, Kickstart 1.2, 1.3 then 2.04
Power Supply Internal Introduction Price 2000 (UK, 1986)
Sold ??? Serial Number ???
Other Extras None Bought Where Gent
Bought When End 1997 Condition OK
Price Paid Gift Specs of my Model ???
Setup Today ???

Back view Serial Number

Inside the Amiga 2000


Bought on the same day, from the same guy I bought my Amiga 3000-01
Actually I got it for free.

It is in working condition but I removed the power supply and installed it
in my Amiga 2000-02